What are the Payment Options ?

Payment via Cash or Eftpos is available via the office. 

Internet banking is also accepted 

Account Name : WAGs

Account Number : 12-3093-0165317-00

Please use your childs name in the Particulars , and the Invoice number for Reference 

What do I need to Bring?

For our classes please ensure your child has NO loose jewlery and that they are not wearing any watches to the class.

Please wear clothing that is comfortable to move in, ensure there is not buckles , zips or domes as part of the clothing as these can damage our equipment.

Ensure their hair is tied up and that they have a water bottle with their name on it.

What behaviour is expected ?

  • All Gymnastics New Zealand Behaviour polices apply to all members and spectators of the gym.
  • Children who are unwell or contagious are required to stay at home till they have recovered.
  • Enrolled class participants only on the equipment and only during their scheduled class. All other times they are to be seated up stairs.
  • All open cuts and wounds need to be covered by a dressing 
  • No Food is to be taken or eaten in the gymnasium
  • No gum is to be eaten during class 
  • Parents are required to collect the children inside the gymnasium 
  • All gymnast are required to show their coachs and fellow gymnast respect.
  • Parents must collect their children on time. Coaches are not paid to babysit children.
  • Children are not to run around the gym, climb on the hand railings, throw objects from the viewing area.
  • No Playing in the lift 
  • Unacceptable behaviour and language will not be tolerated anywhere in the building and parents will be contacted if this occures
  • Participants are responsible for any deliberate damage to the mats or equipment

Are you open during public holidays

There are no classes held on public holidays for play gym or gym fun. Our competition classes will run during the main competition season. Contact the office for more details.

We do not do gym hire during public holidays.

How does the gymnastics Term work?

our fees are structured to work along side the school terms. A small portion of each terms fee from each gymnast goes to Gymnastics New Zealand as an affilliation fee. This ensures that our classes are nationally recognised programmes.

  • Fees need to be paid prior to the first class unless payment arrangements have been made prior to the term starting. Failure to pay fees will ensure a 15% penalty being applied after an allocated date that is notified in the main area of the gym each term.
  • With exception to Playgym there are no catch up sessions for missed classes and enrolment is required to allow your child to attend.
  • Failure to pay terms fee will prevent your child from being able to enrol in the following term
  • Your child will need to attend the class they are enrolled in. We are unable to interchange class attendance each week to cater for the desire to attend a different day. Classes can be changed if required but your child will need to committee to their new class for the term.

What happens if I am returning next term

If you are returning for the next term and dont wish to change class you dont need to do anything as we will automatically transfer you over to the new term at a given date towards the end of the current term.

If you are wanting the change class or are not wanting to return then you need to notify the office so that they can do these changes.