Covid Protocols

NEW PROTOCOLS - November 2022

With all Mandated requirements now dropped excluding the mandatory self isolation for those with covid.

We NO LONGER require you to wear a mask , We are happy if you still wish to wear a mask.



This is to protect the staff and others that attend the gym and to ensure not only are we helping control the spread of Covid but also other Virus's that may be present in the community at the time 

Thank you for you understanding.

Change to Protocols 

Now that the national requirement for Vaccine passes have been dropped we at WAGS are no long requiring our gymnast and visitors to provide proof of their Vaccinations. 

We still want to keep everyone as safe as possible and request the following 

Please sanitise when entering and exiting the gym 

Please if you are over the age of 8 years old wear a mask while in the gym unless you are activily exercising. If you have a mask exemption we will need to see this please.


If you are confirmed to have covid or are a house hold contact of a covid case please stay at home and let us know. 

Stay safe everyone and have a wonderful rest of the term

Covid 19 - Omircon Variant Phase 3 protocols

Hello WAGS Whanau,

Firstly, many thanks for your support in helping WAGS to keep our athletes enjoying their sport.
As the Omicron variant is spreading quickly we want to make you aware of the strategies we are using at WAGS to keep all our members and staff safe, and what will happen when a positive covid case is confirmed in our environment. At WAGS we are fortunate to have a large well-ventilated facility where distancing athletes is possible. This together with regular cleaning, capped numbers per training space, one-in-one-out bathroom protocols, and requiring coaches to wear masks at all times are all strategies that help reduce the risk of spread in our environment.Here's what you need to know regarding training at WAGs during Phase 3 of the Omicron response.

What will happen if there is a positive case? If we have a confirmed positive case at WAGs we will email the members of both the training group and people who were also in the wider training space at the same time to inform them. 

If you have tested positive for covid 19

  • Please inform the gym so we can communicate to our members and keep everyone safe. We will not communicate names of members who have tested positive.
  • Stay away from the gym for at least 10 days while you are isolating.
  • If someone in your household has tested positive for covid you also need to self isolate and stay away from the gym until returning a negative test on day 10.

Close contacts

At Phase 3, Close Contacts no longer need to isolate — unless you have symptoms. This means that if you are a Close Contact you will now be able to continue training at WAGs while you monitor for symptoms. If any develop you any you will need to have a covid test.


If you test positive for covid please let us know so we can advise your team mates to monitor themselves for symptoms. If you are a Household Contact also please let us know you will be away from training.We will jump through hoops to try and keep classes going but if at any point we are unable to staff your child's class we will send you an email notification. Otherwise assume all classes are on.

In this vulnerable time WAGS would like to make our gym as safe as possible for everyone and masks can play a big part in that. The wearing of masks significantly reduces the risk of potential infection. It lessens the effect of moisture expelled by breathing and therefore the exposure to any virus.

To minimise the risk of possible infection between our athletes and our coaches:

- We want to strongly encourage all athletes who are Year 4 up to wear masks at all times, except when they are actively particpating.- If athletes need to be spotted, a mask must be worn by the athlete as they are in very close proximity to the coach. - Coaches will continue to wear masks at all times.

We understand this is not the nicest way to train but want to minimise training disruptions as much as possible while helping everyone “make it through” as safely as possible. We will of course continue to provide alternative learning strategies where spotting is not possible.
Please reach out any time if you have questions or require support. It is a challenging period for us all and if we can assist your families in any way we will try. 

Stay safe team.