Wags Committee


Joanna Burgess ( Acting President) - Joanna's Daughter is part of our WAGS steps program and is one of our higher level gymnast. 

Vice President

Emma Ihaka - Emma has been part of the gym for many years with coaching and having her daughter starting as a competitive gymnast , her daughter now coachs some of our WAGs and recreational gymnast.


Megan Collinson - Megan helps with coaching some of our gymnast and two of her lovely daughters take part in our Recreational and WAGS steps program. 


Jo Postlewaight - Jo has three young ladies part of our gym . They are involved in multiple aspects from Playgym through to recreational gymnastics and also WAGs steps.

Committee Members

Sharon Hati - Sharon has two daughters in the gym both making progress through our WAG steps and we are looking forward to seeing where the future takes them

Nicole Evans - Nicole has three children in our gym , She has a daughter who is currently making her way up the WAG steps, a son who is making his way up our MAG levels and a vibrant little man who is enjoying his time as part of our recreational gymnastics code.

Nadine Clements  - Nadine has a wonderful young lady who is progressing through the WAGs steps and also starting Tumble 

Heather Hewitt  - Heather has Three lovely vibrant young ladies and an energetic young man as part of our Trampoline team. Her youngest daughter also takes part in our Tumble program.

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